Manufacturing Capabilities

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    MECh Engineers 🏭 is a 🔝 state-of-the-art 🔝 manufacturing facility, producing 🛠️ custom-built equipment 🚜 using corrosion-resistant alloys for the 🧪 chemical, 🛢️ oil and gas, ⚙️ processing, and 🌬️ power generation industries. Check out their impressive capabilities:

    • 💥 Equipment diameter up to 7.7 meters in a single piece.
    • 💥 Equipment length up to 45 meters in a single piece.
    • 💥 Single piece equipment weighing up to 260 metric tons under EOT cranes and mechanical assisted handling facilities. 💥 Plate rolling capacity of up to 90mm in-house and up to 200mm by partnering.
    • 💥 CNC profile cutting of up to 300mm for carbon steel and 100mm for stainless steel. 💥 Working table of 5 meters (width) x 14 meters (length). 💥 Manual air plasma cutting of up to 110mm thickness available.
    • 💥 CNC tube sheet drilling and milling in steel of up to 2500mm x 2500mm x 300mm thick in-house and up to 1000mm thick by partnering.
    • 💥 Modular heat treatment facility available by partnering for large jobs.
    • 💥 Extensive experience and facilities for fabricating a range of materials, including CS-NACE/HIC, 300/400 series stainless steel, 904L, duplexes, nickel alloys, titanium, clad steel, Hastelloy®, and copper-nickel grades.
    • 💥 Surface treatments such as pickling and passivation, polishing, blasting, and painting, etc. are done as per client specification.
    • 💥 Blast room of 8 meters (height) x 8.5 meters (width) x 15 meters (length) is available in-house.


    🤖 MECh Engineers' advanced equipment and skilled workforce 💪 are capable of meeting the highest industry standards.

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